New Homes Broker co-op Rebate to Buyer

Rebate on New Home Purchase ( Orange County & Riverside County )

New Homes Broker co-op Rebate to Buyer

Broker co-op rebate program can save a buyer between 40% and 50% of agent commission

The broker co-op is the new home version of a buyers agent’s commission. Agent gets a broker co-op for a new home transaction from the builder as commission. We will rebate part of our broker co-op commission back to the buyer after close of escrow.

To qualify for broker co-op rebate program, buyer must sign-in with greenpot agent on first visit to builder sales office together. Do not fill out any registration card or document without greenpot agent accompany. Otherwise, builder will deny broker co-op fee. Remember, do not fill in(or register) any builder document on line or on site without greenpot agent assistance.

Exclusive broker co-op rebate to qualified buyers
For you to be qualified to receive the $$$ rebate.
Our agent must accompany you on the first visit to builder site.

Today, more than 90% of potential home buyers begin their search online. With all the online tools available today to find homes, it’s easier than ever to conduct home searches on your own. If you’re a home buyer who’s willing to conduct your own searches online, we feel that you should be rewarded for the work and time invested in locating your own home. Therefore, we would give you a generous rebate by sharing a portion of our commission with you. Home buyer can use the extra cash on furniture purchase, home remodeling etc.

The rebate equals 40% on the first $20,000
The rebate equals 50% on the amount over $20,000.

For example, if new home broker co-op equals $10,000 , the buyer will get $4,000 rebate

If new home broker co-op equals $27,000 , the rebate equals 40% of $20,000 plus 50% of $7,000
In another word, the buyer will get $11,500 rebate

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